You can see Rachael on “70 with a sixpack” hosting the BNBF British Final and again hosting the DFAC Worlds. Look for it on catchup TV channel 5

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Jon and Marcus Lee appeared in the Telegraph

Click here to see the article - what makes normal men become muscle ripped

A thought provoking write up of two great athletes.

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Rachael was on Radio Sheffield on Saturday reviewing the newspapers with Vic McGlynn on the breakfast show…. watch this space to find out when you can next catch her and Jon on the radio….


Gym video on Youtube


Rachael in an explanation of the DFAC Athletic Class criteria (after winning the 2012 DFAC Athletic Universe title in the USA) - click on link to youtube

Rachael in the Star 2012

Rippling South Yorkshire Rachael takes on the World

Kelly Freeman NABBA 2012

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