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2017 Search for a Superhero

Every month this year the members of Evo will be set a challenge.January was the fastest row and February is the longest plank. Each month will see a girl and boy crowned monthly event champ but the main prize is the annual male and female superhero or best all rounder.

Who will this be?

Three Peaks Conquered

Over the space of 2 days in April we did it. Team Evo conquered the Yorkshire Three Peaks. On the Saturday 23rd three members Matt, Brett and Suzanne strode out and in something over 8 hours completed the course. The day after a team of 12; Jon, Rachael, Emma, Hannah, Lizzie, Catherine, Nicky, Alex, Sam, Paul and support of Shaun and Chris took just about 12 hours. 

It snowed, it blew and it couldn’t stop us. Everyone had a personal battle at some point and all of us could not believe what we were achieving when we stopped from time to time to appreciate what we were doing. It was us against the hills and we did it. The walk was organised in aid of Alzheimers which is only too close to home for some who took part and others who donated generously to our cause. 

We would like to thank the walkers and the donators as without either group this would not have worked. In the final tally we raised over £1000 for the charity which is amazing.

Onward and upward for the next challenge.


Sheffield Half Marathon & Silverstone Half

Never a gym to shirk a challenge this year so far we have taken part in 2 half marathons. 

Firstly, the Silverstone Half around the F1 track in styli of a formula one car, vrrrrmmmmm. The day started quite foggy and cold but as the sun came out the race commenced and all three of our Team Evo runners clocked under 2 hours. Jon, Rachael and Hannah set personal best times all round.

IMG 0802 2.JPG

Then on the 10th April Jon and Rachael joined Lizze and took on the HILL in the Sheffield Half Marathon again all three clocking under 2 hours. Well Lizzie clocking 1 hour 33 and the others mid 1 hour 50s.


If your goal is to do a 10k, a half or a full marathon (Hannah did the London Marathon in 2015), Evoluiton Gym can help. With stop to start plans to get you up to 5k or a longer distance and some great runs straight out from the gym there is no reason not to start today.

Creating an Evo smile

2015 has been a brilliant year for Evolution once again. In our 12th year of creating awesome 2016 will be even better. Getting in the gym creates a smile like this outside of it. Want a bit of feeling good? come on down and join Team Evo, whether your goal be touching your toes or reaching for the galaxy we can help.

Keep up to date with our blog Evo Gym Talk it provides more detail of what we are up to and what you can join in with

Total Warrior 2016

IMG 4748

Following our adventure into hiking we are planning a team challenge with a difference. Forget walking through picturesque countryside with challenging topography, this time we will be faced wtih insurmountable obstacles and the only way through is teamwork.

Team Evo will prevail, the spirit of Evolution will power us over walls, through muddy freezing water and up and down dale. Who will be the sprint king or queen? 

In June, in Leeds, the game is on! Go to the total warrior website and enter a team on the saturday pick Team Evo and it should find us. 

Three Yorkshire Peaks Challenge 2016

It’s on - 24th APril 2016 get those boots on and get practicing!!!

Evolution Gym is taking on the Yorkshire Three Peaks in 2016. 24 miles in under 12 hours. This involves a hike around Pen-Y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough. Currently we are taking names to see who is interested and then we will arrange the most convenient date to suit the majority of people.

3 peaks top banner

Let us know if you are interested and we will add you to the email group for updates……

or send us your details on the contact sheet on this website stating you want to join in.

Comic Relief Challenge

The gym ran a Comic Relief challenge on the 13th March. A 12 hour stationary bike ride to see how far we could go……

Gym members rode a stationery bike non-stop for 12 hours (not all of them they swapped to keep it going) and raised a load  with 50% going to comic relief and 50% to alzehiemers research.

The whole gym did amazingly and we were joined for most of the morning by Kat Cowan from radio sheffield - we set her up her won bike and she did brilliantly in purple wig and doing radio commentary as she went.

So Proud of everyone


Red nose fun


Jon and Kat 


Mark having fun




You can see Rachael on “70 with a sixpack” hosting the BNBF British Final and again hosting the DFAC Worlds. Look for it on catchup TV channel 5

keep up to date with Evolution Gym by following the blog - 

Evolution Gym Talk


Jon and Marcus Lee appeared in the Telegraph

Click here to see the article - what makes normal men become muscle ripped

A thought provoking write up of two great athletes.

Keep up to date with what Rachael is at with the Billybicep blog - click here


Rachael was on Radio Sheffield on Saturday reviewing the newspapers with Vic McGlynn on the breakfast show…. watch this space to find out when you can next catch her and Jon on the radio….


Gym video on Youtube



Rachael in an explanation of the DFAC Athletic Class criteria (after winning the 2012 DFAC Athletic Universe title in the USA) - click on link to youtube

Rachael in the Star 2012

Rippling South Yorkshire Rachael takes on the World

Kelly Freeman NABBA 2012

Follow Jon or Rachael on twitter @evolutiongym or  @billybicep

or Kelly @kellyafreeman

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DFAC Worlds 2014

Team Evo in the form of Jon Clark, Kelly Freeman, Rachael Hayes, Lloyd Stewart and Louis Smith went to Miami and took on the World as part of the British Team. All the team members came home with a medal, 5th, 5th, 4th, 3rd and second respectively. An awesome showing for the BNBF Yorkshire Club and a small Sheffield gym.

Jon, Kelly and Rachael were in the DFAC Pro ranks and Lloyd and Louis in the Amateur worlds. The stage was awesome and the competition stiff. The standard of the competitors was truly world class throughout and the stage was the best in the business. 


Jon, Kelly and Rachael


The Pro division medals


Team Evo

More photos to follow when available….


We are waiting here in the gym to help you evolve.

The gym is owned and run by Jon Clark who has evolved from a gym beginner back at the age of 14, through various sports to become a Drug Free Athletes Coalition (DFAC) Professional Bodybuilder. Through the gym Jon has been providing support and advice to people from all walks of life; a qualified personal trainer with 30 years of personal experience evolution is second nature.

Jon is ably assisted by his wife, Rachael Hayes also a DFAC Pro Bodybuilder and qualified personal trainer. Together they provide a great foundation of knowledge from which to build your future.

The team is completed by Linda, Gym Supervisor always eager to assist and offer support and advice - she makes a mean shake too……..

The third DFAC Pro Bodybuilder in the gym is Kelly Freeman, always available for support and advice.

Evolution Gym is proud of its members who are affectionately known as Team Evo. Team Evo members come and go some of the more well known include: Clinton Woods previous World Champ Boxer, Karl Harris - Superbike and TT Rider,  Oliver Rowland - Racing Driver, Jason Ripley - Golf Pro, Beth Acey - up and coming golfer and many more…. Team Evo members run, jog, walk, climb, fundraise, body build, box, cycle you name it….. come along and be part of the team.

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