We are waiting here in the gym to help you evolve.

The gym is owned and run by Jon Clark who has evolved from a gym beginner back at the age of 14, through various sports to become a Drug Free Athletes Coalition (DFAC) Professional Bodybuilder. Through the gym Jon has been providing support and advice to people from all walks of life; a qualified personal trainer with 30 years of personal experience evolution is second nature.

Jon is ably assisted by his wife, Rachael Hayes also a DFAC Pro Bodybuilder and qualified personal trainer. Together they provide a great foundation of knowledge from which to build your future.

The team is completed by Linda, Gym Supervisor always eager to assist and offer support and advice - she makes a mean shake too……..

The third DFAC Pro Bodybuilder in the gym is Kelly Freeman, always available for support and advice.

Evolution Gym is proud of its members who are affectionately known as Team Evo. Team Evo members come and go some of the more well known include: Clinton Woods previous World Champ Boxer, Karl Harris - Superbike and TT Rider,  Oliver Rowland - Racing Driver, Jason Ripley - Golf Pro, Beth Acey - up and coming golfer and many more…. Team Evo members run, jog, walk, climb, fundraise, body build, box, cycle you name it….. come along and be part of the team.

Evolution Gym, 1 Carley Drive, Westfield, Sheffield, S20 8NQ.  Tel: 0114 2483249
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