Three Peaks Conquered

Over the space of 2 days in April we did it. Team Evo conquered the Yorkshire Three Peaks. On the Saturday 23rd three members Matt, Brett and Suzanne strode out and in something over 8 hours completed the course. The day after a team of 12; Jon, Rachael, Emma, Hannah, Lizzie, Catherine, Nicky, Alex, Sam, Paul and support of Shaun and Chris took just about 12 hours. 

It snowed, it blew and it couldn’t stop us. Everyone had a personal battle at some point and all of us could not believe what we were achieving when we stopped from time to time to appreciate what we were doing. It was us against the hills and we did it. The walk was organised in aid of Alzheimers which is only too close to home for some who took part and others who donated generously to our cause. 

We would like to thank the walkers and the donators as without either group this would not have worked. In the final tally we raised over £1000 for the charity which is amazing.

Onward and upward for the next challenge.


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